French Lessons, Fables, and Fashion Design

The last two weeks have been so busy that there’s been no time to update the blog. However, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been doing anything worth talking about! Chris and I have been learning all about bugs. We’ve read books about bugs, counted bugs, and watched videos about bugs.

Meanwhile, Angel has been practising her math by doing daily work on Xtramath and practising her reading skills by reading some of Aesop’s fables. She’s also decided that she wants to learn French. Mum was fairly fluent in French at one time but hasn’t used it in years, so we decided to learn together using Duolingo’s free French lessons. Big brother Jeff decided that he wanted to get in on the French lessons too, so we have our own little French club going on here at home.

Angel is also working on a special project. Right now, she’s interested in fashion design, so she’s created a fashion design club she’s calling The Beautiful Club. The mission of The Beautiful Club is to learn how to design and create beautiful clothes.

Both kids have been learning about making their own video game levels with Battleblock Theater on the Xbox 360. Here’s a kid-designed game level with a special message for mum:  Battleblock level