Updates, Gardens, and Dancing

I haven’t been doing a very good job of keeping this blog updated, but we’ve been busy getting our feet under us. Now that we’ve found our footing and settled into a routine, summer is almost on us, so updates will probably continue to be sporadic for awhile. But you can expect to see at least a few updates over the summer months, and we’ll be back full force in the fall.

Onto the updates! Angel is progressing into division, and Chris is making great strides in reading! They’re both amazing students. For a summer project, we’ve decided to try our hands at gardening. The kids have never grown plants before — and neither have I! — so this is definitely new territory for all of us.

We started out with just seeds, soil and cups.

Seedcups (1) Seedcups (2) Seedcups (3)

It’s been a while now, and not all of our seeds have sprouted. But the ones that did now look like this:

Carrots and Cucumbers Mint Plant Peppers and Cantelope Tiny Tomato Plant

So that’s pretty awesome!

Before I go, here’s a fun video of Angel and Chris dancing their hearts out to a Minecraft song.