Summer Daze!

What a fun and busy summer we’ve had! We decided that our homeschooling adventure didn’t need to stop just because of the summer, so we’ve been doing structured reading and math a few days a week all summer, so as not to lose our edge. However, we’ve also been focusing on having fun! We’ve been swimming 20150704_125342 20150704_125327 20150704_125339 20150704_125336 20150704_125333 20150704_125331

and on field trips. 61239 61229 61227(That’s Big Brother Jeff and his girlfriend Summer feeding the dolphins with Angel. Chris went on this field trip, but wasn’t comfortable getting that close to the dolphin.)

We also did fun stuff, like going to the bounce playground20150731_142732 20150731_142817 20150731_143027 20150731_152510 20150731_153228 20150731_153254,getting face-painted, 20150731_152046 and going out to eat. 20150808_154343 20150808_154352 20150808_154643 20150808_154633 20150808_154650 20150808_163650 20150808_163702And Angel turned 9 over the summer, so we didn’t forget to celebrate her birthday. 20150724_180611 20150724_180156 20150724_180032

Meanwhile, we’ve been taking good care of our plants all summer. I still don’t know if we’re actually going to produce anything edible (other than mint and basil) but we’ve sure had fun trying, and our plants are green and flowering. 20150815_164731 20150815_164723 20150815_164527 20150815_164523 20150815_164513 20150815_164505 20150815_164501

It’s been an amazing summer, but we’re pretty worn out from all the activity. As everyone else is gearing up to go back to school, we’re getting ready to take a break. Chris and Angel have officially completed Kindergarten and 3rd grade, and we’re going to take two whole weeks completely off, just to relax. Then, we’re planning to kick off September with a 5-day virtual vacation to Ireland, courtesy of the awesome folks at the Little House Kindergarten site. We’ll be jumping full-swing back into our school schedule right after Labor Day!